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You can securely submit new landlord-tenant cases by completing the form below. Social Security Numbers, Employer Identification Numbers and birth dates are requested by the court. SSNs and EINs are not made available to the public, and only the birth year is made public. All such information will otherwise be kept confidential by Scott Law Firm.

By submitting your case online, you certify that the information provided is correct and agree to pay our standard fees and costs.

Make absolutely sure the premises address you provide below is correct. Double-check the street number, apartment number or letter if applicable, the correct name of the street (e.g., “street,” “road,” “avenue,” “drive,” etc.), and the Zip Code. If there is any error at all in the premises address, the Sheriff’s Department likely will refuse to enforce an execution for possession. Good resources for checking Zip Codes and street names are the U.S. Postal Service ZIP code lookup page and map services such as Google Maps.

Hint: After completing a data field, use the tab key to move to the next field.

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