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  • Landlord services practice will transition to another firm in June 2023 - March 10, 2023 From Steve Scott, Attorney at Law, Scott Law Firm PC (referred to as "SLF" below): After 45 years of law practice, including 25 years focused on representing landlords and property managers, it is time for me to slow down. I am pleased to announce that I have arranged for the law firm of Jones Powell & Stevens LLC (referred to as "JPS" below) to take over my landlord services practice in June this year. While this transition is pending, my staff and I will continue to accept new cases and diligently continue our work representing our landlord… Read more.
  • Client portal launched on Oct. 15, 2021 - Scott Law Firm has long committed to charging reasonable, predictable flat fees and making it as easy as possible for landlords and property managers to file cases. Continuing that commitment, we launched our online client portal, which will allow our clients to, among other things: Submit new cases online Receive reminders when we need updated information for a case Be updated by email when there are developments in a case Check the status of a case at any time Be reminded on the date an eviction order can be issued to the sheriff The address of the Client Portal is… Read more.
  • Court changes docket schedule for landlord-tenant cases - Effective in January 2021, the Boone County Circuit Court is changing the docket schedule for landlord-tenant cases. Beginning Jan. 7, initial appearances and trials in landlord-tenant cases will take place on Thursday mornings and afternoons. Formerly most initial appearances and trials took place only on Monday mornings. The change is designed to allow more time to hear the growing number of landlord-tenant cases. Associate Circuit Judge Tracy Gonzalez will continue to be the primary judge assigned to hear landlord-tenant cases. Read more.
  • Tenant bankruptcy information for landlords and property managers - Contents Preliminary notes Types of bankruptcies Automatic "stay" Debts that are discharged Tenant options to reject or assume lease Preliminary notes The following information applies to bankruptcies filed by residential tenants. There are additional issues to be considered if a bankruptcy is filed by a commercial tenant - consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney is recommended. We thank Casey Elliott, a bankruptcy practitioner at the Van Matre Law Firm, for her review of the following information to ensure accuracy. Types of bankruptcies There are two types of bankruptcies that can be filed by tenants: Chapter 7 - This is a… Read more.
  • Validity of collection fees clauses in leases - A question sometimes asked by landlords is whether a lease may include a clause saying that collection fees will be added to the amount due under the lease. Our opinion is that such a clause is legal. However, there is a distinction between collection fees that can be charged before a lawsuit is filed and after a judgment is entered in a lawsuit. Read more.
  • Assistance and service animals - In recent years landlords and property managers have experienced a surge of requests by tenants to keep "emotional support animals" even when animals are not usually permitted. In the law the correct legal term for such animals is "assistance animal." There is another legal category called "service animal." For both categories, the law prohibits charging a pet deposit or pet fee. This post explains the law on assistance and service animals and how to evaluate tenant requests to keep them. Read more.
  • Using criminal records to screen rental applicants - Landlords who routinely request criminal background checks on prospective tenants and use the results to decide whether or not to lease to particular individuals may face a discrimination claim by a rejected applicant. Blanket refusal to lease to a person with any kind of criminal history is particularly problematic. This post explores the relevant law and suggests how to avoid such discrimination claims. Read more.
  • Security deposit issues - A 2015 court decision makes it clear that language in a lease cannot override the provisions of the Missouri security deposit statute. This post covers how this ruling may affect landlords and property managers. See our Security Deposits page for general information about deposits. Read more.
  • Corporation or limited liability company? - Landlords and property managers seeking to limit their personal liability for tenant claims often consider forming a corporation or limited liability company. This post compares the two options so an intelligent choice can be made. Read more.
  • Preventing and defending mold claims - In recent years the courts saw an increasing number of lawsuits filed claiming injuries from so-called "toxic mold." While the number of such cases seems to be decreasing, landlords and property managers should take proactive steps to avoid mold claims and be prepared to defend such claims if they are filed. Read this post to find out how to prevent mold claims and defend them if they are filed. Read more.

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